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About Me

Cooking for me is so many different things: When I was a child, I used experimental baking as a guise to eating sweets. As a teen, my friends and I would cook dinner parties, a fun way to spend a weekend night that needed no parental supervision. In college, I learned my Italian family history while bonding with my grandmother and great aunt over a pot of marinara or by learning their “secret” stuffing recipe. As a corporate accountant, I use cooking as a way to add creativity to my life, which is also a great stress reliever. As an epicurean, I find satisfaction and have feelings of accomplishment when I make something that is challenging and delicious. Lastly, as a daughter, sister, and wife, it is an easy way to create happiness. That is why I love cooking. Over time I have come to realize and accept that not everything I make will turn out beautiful, or even tasty, but it’s ok to fail. Learning from these failures has made me into a better cook. Which is why I want to share what works for me (and sometimes what doesn’t). So enjoy, fill up and share the happiness.